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CA-853070-A: Machine for folding webs of indefinite length patent, CA-85446-A: Lingotiere patent, CA-854577-A: Apparatus and method for taping patent, CA-855756-A: Cellular plastic materials patent, CA-855918-A: Cylindrical insert cutting tool patent, CA-856273-A: Water repellency agents patent, CA-857775-A: Collapsible work bench patent, CA-858342-A: Fork interchanger patent, CA-858587-A: Diquinolonopyridone patent, CA-858881-A: Pressure relief device for liquefied gas receptacles patent, CA-859359-A: Window wiper patent, CA-859901-A: Display device patent, CA-86058-A: Cotton chopper and cultivator patent, CA-861108-A: Insulated wire-connector and snap plug receptacle patent, CA-861816-A: Blind fastener patent, CA-862218-A: Thermoplastic coating compositions patent, CA-862372-A: Beam connection unit patent, CA-86263-A: Machine a coudre patent, CA-863110-A: Dual flywheel anti-lock sensing unit patent, CA-863161-A: Resilient supporting device patent, CA-863688-A: Resilient ventilated back and seat support patent, CA-864412-A: Treatment of high lignin content kraft pulp with inorganic sulfur compounds patent, CA-865132-A: Process for producing bis-lactams patent, CA-865571-A: Parachutes patent, CA-865625-A: Pinch roll assembly for a continuous-casting machine patent, CA-865698-A: Method of recovering bitumen from tar sands patent, CA-865703-A: Steam stripping system patent, CA-865989-A: Coded card selector apparatus patent, CA-86599-A: Gold saving apparatus patent, CA-86653-A: Registre electrique pour bouees patent, CA-867980-A: Electron shield for color television tube patent, CA-868173-A: Digitally operated electrohydraulic power system patent, CA-868993-A: Rubbery polymer composition patent, CA-870391-A: Fluid operated motor patent, CA-870662-A: Process for the isomerization of 2,6-dimethyl phenol patent, CA-871831-A: Signal means for automatic washing machine patent, CA-871879-A: Mercury-metallic halide vapor lamp with regenerative cycle patent, CA-871892-A: Welding apparatus and method patent, CA-872150-A: Sliding door construction patent, CA-872744-A: Light-sensitive silver halide color-photographic material patent, CA-872769-A: Preparation of a gelatinous compound patent, CA-872840-A: Dehydrogenation of saturated hydrocarbons patent, CA-872976-A: Heater and air conditioning switch patent, CA-873707-A: Boxes or bins patent, CA-873902-A: Carbamate insecticide patent, CA-874141-A: Method of manufacturing electronic devices patent, CA-874595-A: Method of fabricating an incandescent lamp and its construction patent, CA-874755-A: Vane tracking in hydraulic pumps patent, CA-87482-A: Traitement de minerais patent, CA-875083-A: Expansible linkage for use in making a watch band or similar article of jewelry patent, CA-875479-A: Process for recovering rhenium values from ion exchange materials patent, CA-875548-A: Process for preparing copper phthalocyanine patent, CA-876155-A: Coating articles by electrophoresis patent, CA-877519-A: Trigger actuated motor speed control with selective speed positions patent, CA-877613-A: Anchor base for lighting standards patent, CA-877973-A: Process for optical resolution of o-acetylpantolactone patent, CA-879276-A: Multiple readout electron beam device patent, CA-880433-A: Protection tube patent, CA-880766-A: Farm wagon running gear patent, CA-880808-A: Ethylene-vinyl ester copolymers as pour depressants for distillate fuels patent, CA-880845-A: Coating fibrous glass with latex patent, CA-881691-A: Television display tube of the king having an implosion guard patent, CA-882221-A: Concrete form tie end latch patent, CA-883277-A: Indole derivatives and their preparation patent, CA-883299-A: Procede de preparation de nouveaux acides et esters derives du cyclopropane et produits en resultant patent, CA-883301-A: Anhydrides of (-) (cis-1,2-epoxypropyl) phosphonic acid patent, CA-883922-A: Process for the preparation of chlorinated polyvinyl chlorides from certain polyvinyl chlorides patent, CA-883966-A: Hair curl retainer patent, CA-884987-A: Gun loader's electric safety switch patent, CA-885869-A: Rotary valve patent, CA-88670-A: Track gauge patent, CA-886762-A: Defective package detector patent, CA-88680-A: Bristle combing machine patent, CA-888001-A: Packaging machines patent, CA-888081-A: Wax supplying apparatus for pattern molds patent, CA-888833-A: Construction toy elements having improved connector means patent, CA-889213-A: Sewage transmission system patent, CA-889405-A: Electromechanical interlock for laundry apparatus patent, CA-889914-A: Process for producing polyester polyols patent, CA-889930-A: Machine and process for producing flexible foam polystyrene plastic bodies patent, CA-89015-A: Wire stretcher patent, CA-891379-A: Operator for flapper valves patent, CA-89141-A: Fire pot patent, CA-892039-A: Derivatives of n,n', n"-tris(3-mercaptopropionyl)-hexahydro-s-triazine patent, CA-892142-A: Marking apparatus having register means patent, CA-892805-A: Method of and apparatus for optically testing glass objects for cracks patent, CA-892824-A: Magnetic shift register circuit patent, CA-893184-A: Polyamide composition patent, CA-893516-A: Chairs patent, CA-894851-A: Stable vinyl acetate n-methylolacrylamide latex with fully-hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol patent, CA-895111-A: Tobacco composition patent, CA-896008-A: Therapeutic apparatus for treating the upper spine patent, CA-896616-A: Method and apparatus for foaming structure in place patent, CA-897868-A: Vinylidene chloride polymer compositions patent, CA-898454-A: Latch and support assembly for bed restraining sides patent, CA-900320-A: Crystals in particular crystal whiskers and objects comprising such crystals patent, CA-901193-A: Flame retarding polymerized diphosphonate compounds patent, CA-901338-A: Nickel-aluminum electrical resistance elements patent, CA-901354-A: Tracer apparatus patent, CA-901754-A: Flushable moisture-retaining sanitary pad patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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